Album Review - Xtortion Tha Don "The Eargasm"

The Springfield, IL artist, Xtortion Tha Don has made us wait three years to hear the completed album "The Eargasm". Dropping us little samples and teasing us with release dates, It’s finally here.

This 18 track album is packed full of features from other well known artists, such as: Junior Pasaré, Dre’ Madison, Woods G, Lumbajack, Trife Trill, Alvin Trace, and Tanner G. Personally, this was my first introduction to Breanna Marin, and I’m more than impressed. I found that since receiving the Spotify link, this album is all I've been playing. I’ve heard each track more than a few times and realized I never felt the urge to skip. There is something for everyone to vibe to on this album. With the old school and new school sounds, the versatility is notable.

Overall, I've had very few complaints. First complaint: I felt he could have focused more on his solo tracks because we all know he is sitting on a lot more music. I was somewhat upset that after the long wait the album seems to be more of a group project. While it's great, I was shocked to hear so many features. Second complaint: The mastering could have been better. The volume goes from full to thin throughout.  Last complaint: While completely different songs there is a very similar piano rift on both, “Money & Stuntin (2)” and “Heaven's Door (14)”. For an 18 track album, three small complaints is nothing.

My final thoughts, I highly recommend listening for yourself at the link provided. He can also be found on: iTunes, Napster, Tidal, YouTube, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. In my personal opinion, Xtortion Tha Don is semi-slept on. I couldn't pick just one favorite, so I picked three: “N.G.F.” (6), “Pray for the Weak” (3), and “My City” (13).  To be completely honest, I’m interested to see what else he comes up with. Keep it up!

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