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New Music - @cornbread217 is really into "Blowin Trees".

Cornbread217's resume speaks for itself. Boasting shows across the country and even his own weekly series of songs entitled "...


New Music - @youngpacfgm "Ku Klux"

Springfield Illinois is the home of the 1908 race riot that caused the formation of the NAACP. Growing up in a city with that kind of hist...


New Video - Steffy Ballin "Flava"

Steffy Ballin is taking 2016 and making it his year. Starting the year off with his Courtboy Visuals filmed video "Flava". If ...


New Video - Kang 20 "Keep Goin"

217 Hip Hop stalwart Kang 20 is back with his brand new single "Keep Goin". With Glass Imagery and MDMA Films behind the came...


New Video - KKE "Rags 2 Riches"

Decatur Illinois conglomerate Kush Koma Entertainment dropped their new video "Rags 2 Riches". With Paparatzii Deez behind the ...

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