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New Music - "Trouble Chasin" (Self-Titled LP)

Q:  What do you get when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? A:  This album. Truth aka Trouble & Chase Baby, 2 of the ...


New Video - Justo Moe Featuring @RedMoonfo "Light Green In My Vega"

Justo Moe is back with his newest collab effort, "Light Grteen In My Vega" featuring Red Moon. Keeping his eyes low and his c...


New Video - @1youngblu "By Myself"

Young Blu has quietly been one of the Midwest's most consistent artists. His following has continued to grow right along with his d...


New Video - Tokyo "90$ Flow"

Champaign, IL has one of the livest underground Hip Hop scenes in the Midwest and Tokyo makes his presence felt in it. The Illinois nativ...

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