@validbaby Stirs Up the Field.

A few weeks back, Valid Baby went from relative unknown to overnight regional name with the release of his "217 Rapper Diss", and accompanying Court Boy Visuals directed video. Using Tupac's "Hit Em Up" as the backdrop the diss sent social media into a frenzy garnering over 10,000 views in 24 hours. Valid parlayed the attention into eyeballs for his Welcome to Valid's World release.

After underwhelming results on previous releases the young rapper took the "50 Cent circa; 2000" route and decided to diss everyone around him. Taking aim at some of the scene's most active rap participants like Omeezy, Partyblaze, and  Big Homie Hom, local names like AJ Dollaz, and BG Tune and hot up - and comers like BenjiGloBandz and Prince Cash have spawned heated responses like Benji and Tune's version of "Hit Em Up" while Prince Cash also tackled the infamous instrumental. Omeezy and Partyblaze went the original route with songs like "3 Minute Nightmare" and "Invalid Combo". With the promise of a part 2 to one of the year's early surprises, begs the question which was the hottest song so far?

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